Sekidenko MXE High-Speed PyrometerSekidenko MXE High-Speed Pyrometer

High-speed measurement for precise control in dynamic processes

The Sekidenko MXE pyrometer combines speed and precision, enabling accurate, non-contact, repeatable measurement and control of demanding applications. Its high-speed (up to 10 kHz) performance is ideal for processes with moving targets, such as rotating susceptors. It is also extremely well suited for dynamic processes, including laser-based processing or rapid anneals. For easy integration and flexible control options, the MXE unit is remarkably compact and supports a variety of I/O protocols.

Benefits Features
  • Increased process insight
  • Highly configurable platform
  • Improved temperature-measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Enhanced uniformity
  • Increased productivity, yield, and throughput
  • Decreased development time
  • Comprehensive measurement capabilities
  • Easy integration and flexible control
  • In-situ, non-contact temperature and emissivity measurement
  • High-speed measurement ideal for a variety of applications
  • Variety of temperature + reflectance wavelengths
  • EtherCAT®, USB, and RS-232 output options